Family Tree 

Our Family Tree


-> The Master Index lists all 3500 people in the tree, sorted alphabetically by surname.
-> The Surname Index enumerates the surnames in the tree, sorted alphabetically. Each name links to its location in the Master Index.
-> The List of Sources itemizes all of the source documents that are referenced throughout the tree.

Other Tools

-> Search the AWT. A copy of our tree is available on ancestry.com's Ancestry World Tree. This site has a quite powerful search engine, and can dynamically create Descendancy, Register, Pedigree, and Ahnentafel reports. Note, however, that the AWT is driven by a GEDCOM import, which loses information. Requires free registration.
-> Download the GEDCOM file (876KB) for import into your own genealogy software. Please notify the webmaster before attempting to integrate our GEDCOM file into your own tree; there are some important issues that you should discuss with us first. In particular, be aware that a GEDCOM export/import loses some records and munges others.

Caveats and Idioms

New readers need to be aware of the following:

  • There are no living persons in this tree. Our master database does include all known living descendents, but these have been scrubbed from the online version to prevent identity theft.

  • When a married woman's maiden name is unknown, her surname is that of her husband, suffixed by "(nee?)", as in Maria K. Gutekunst (nee?).

  • When a person's given name is unknown, it is entered as their relationship, quoted by the < and > characters, as in <Infant> Pieper or <Father> Bender. In other cases, the given name may be blank or the word UNKNOWN.

  • This tree is a collaborative effort, the merge of the work of at least six different people using four different genealogy software programs. As such, you will notice some variations in style and detail in different parts of the tree.

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