Name Johannes Gutekunst22
Birth 23 Mar 1651, Haiterbach, Wurttemberg, Germany
Death 10 Oct 1716, Haiterbach, Wurttemberg, Germany
Father Michael Gutekunst (1600-1676)
Mother Catharina Weinmar (~1614-1695)
1 Monica Zoller22
Birth 11 Feb 1655, Haiterbach, Wurttemberg, Germany
Death 11 Feb 1695, Haiterbach, Wurttemberg, Germany
Cause of death Failed attempt to abort a baby in breach
Misc. Notes
Cause of death: "am Geburtstag, just 40j., ein Kind wurde vom Barbier in ihr zerstückelt, fromme und gutherzige Hausfrau" ".. this pious and goodhearted housewife," A Barbier was a surgeon (only midwife and barber available) in the Middle Ages. When a child didn't lay well there was no Cesarean Section to save the life of the mother. The barbier would kill the baby with barber shears. In this case it also killed the mother.

Aus Haiterbach OSB #4355, weiter #1010
Marriage 25 Jul 1677, Haiterbach, Wurttemberg, Germany22
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